• 18 Apr 2018 (Wed)

    Nuts and bolts - It's All About the Connection

    Automation, analytics and alternative wireless networks take centre stage From managing customer relations to figuring out emotions and providing wireless connectivity, digital solutions are...

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  • 8 Feb 2018 (Thu)

    Transforming with the Times

    Hardware, heartware and partnerships will future-proof Singapore’s industries Find out how Singapore’s construction, electronics, and energy and chemicals sectors are being transformed to meet the...

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  • 12 Jan 2018 (Fri)

    Sustaining Progress with Sustainability

    Economic growth and sustainability go hand-in-hand Innovations in urban solutions and sustainability are essential for Singapore's survival and continued success on the global stage. No stranger to...

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  • 10 Jan 2018 (Wed)

    IPI's Top 10 TechOffers of 2017

    Taking stock of the hottest innovations on IPI’s online marketplace A new year has just begun, but it is never too late to start innovating. For inspiration, check out these ten hot TechOffers of...

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  • 9 Jan 2018 (Tue)

    Plug In To Europe

    How EEN Singapore helps companies step up to the global stage The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is the largest business network in the world. Here’s how your company can get in on the action....

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  • 22 Dec 2017 (Fri)

    Nuts and bolts - Giving Sustainability The...

    When enterprises go green Companies can embrace sustainability by using these TechOffers to increase resource efficiency and recover resources from waste or pollutants. Stories of climate change,...

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