IPI Newsletter

    IPI Newsletter, Issue Mar/Apr 2017

    Articles included

    Convenient Security via Smart Locks in the Sharing Economy

    Enterprises Collaborate to Pilot Predictive Engine Maintenance Solution in Singapore

    Inaugural Forum Aims to Build a Stronger Innovation and Enterprise Community

    IPI Appreciates Strong Support from its Tech Partners at Annual Networking Session

    Imec and IPI Host Technology and Innovation Seminar

    SME Day 2017

    Singapore Maritime Technology Conference and Exhibition 2017

    Barcelona Industry 4.0 Week

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    IPI Newsletter, Issue Jan/Feb 2017

    Articles included

    Turning Ideas into Reality to Stay Ahead in the Construction Industry

    Transforming Engineering Companies through Open Innovation

    IPI Hosts Delegation from Iwaki Cooperation Support Networks Association of Japan

    AUTM Asia 2017

    FUZE Fashion Technology 2017

    Symposium on Accelerating Innovation! - Featuring Dutch Tech in Cyber Security and Smart Logistics

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    IPI Newsletter, Issue Nov/Dec 2016

    Articles included

    Accelerating Open Innovation: IPI Presents on Platforms for Technology Matchmaking

    IPI Welcomes Delegation from Ministry of Science & Technology of Vietnam

    IPI Participates in Enterprise X-Change Forum 2016

    One Month Business Acceleration Program on how to make it in Paris

    AUTM 2017 Annual Meeting

    IoT Asia 2017

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    IPI Newsletter, Issue Sep/Oct 2016

    Articles included

    Technology Cooperation Brings Local Ready-to-eat Meals for People with Swallowing Difficulties

    IPI Sets a Strong Foundation for Singapore-Norway Technology Partnerships

    TechInnovation 2016 Attracted more than 2,700 Participants Seeking Business Opportunities from over 300 Featured Technologies

    IPI Participates in Manufacturing Solutions Expo (MSE) 2016

    Technical Seminar by European Mission to Singapore on Green Energy Technologies and Free Business Matching

    Italian Innovation Days

    Innovating Care Elderly & Home Care 2016 Forum

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    IPI Newsletter, Issue Jul/Aug 2016

    Articles included

    Strategic R&D Collaboration to Enable Product Improvements

    Enterprises and Innovators Set to Forge New Partnerships at TechInnovation 2016

    DBS Collaborates with IPI and IIPL to Support Innovation in Local SMEs

    IPI Promotes EU-Singapore Partnerships at Singapore International Water Week

    TechInnovation 2016

    Techventure in partnership with Slush Singapore

    Manufacturing Solutions Expo 2016

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    IPI Newsletter, Issue May/Jun 2016

    Articles included

    Insights into Additive Manufacturing Technology and Innovation

    Building New Connections at InnovFest unBound 2016

    IE Singapore, SMF and IPI Form Tripartite Partnership to Help Companies Access Technology and Business in Europe

    TechInnovation 2016

    International Green Building Conference 2016

    ROS-Industrial Asia Pacific Workshop

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    IPI Newsletter, Issue Mar/Apr 2016

    Articles included

    Renewing Ties and Establishing New Links at IPI's Technology Partners’ Networking Session

    Seminar on Innovation through Fermentation

    Providing Insight into the Science and Art of Technology and Competitive Intelligence at AUTM Asia 2016

    InnovFest unBound

    SME Capabilities Forum

    Security Research & Innovation Event 2016

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    IPI Newsletter, Issue Jan/Feb 2016

    Articles included

    Formulated-in-Singapore Suu Balm Sets to Further Expand to Overseas Markets

    Overcoming “Last Mile” Logistics Challenges with Smart Real Time Traffic Prediction and Route Planning

    Singapore: a Gateway to Southeast Asia

    IPI Participates in SME Convention 2016

    Seminar on Robotics: Past, Present & Future

    Trade Mark Basics - A Guide for Businesses

    IoT Asia 2016

    CleanEnviro Summit Singapore

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    IPI Newsletter, Issue Nov/Dec 2015

    Articles included

    Collaboration Accelerates In-house R&D Efforts

    IPI Hosts Delegation from Russia

    LES Turkey – IPI & LES Singapore Joint Workshop on Essential Tools for IP and Technology Marketing

    IPI Participates in LES Annual Meeting 2015

    France Singapore Innovation Days 2015

    COSME Tech 2016

    nano tech 2016

    AUTM 2016 Annual Meeting

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    IPI Newsletter, Issue Sep/Oct 2015

    Articles included

    Harnessing Technology to Break into New Markets

    Embracing Innovation for Productivity

    Arsenic-free Drinking Water for Bottom of the Pyramid Communities

    Have a Technology Need? Talk to Us!

    Thank You for Making TECHINNOVATION 2015 a Success

    IPI Participates in Manufacturing Solutions Expo 2015

    Singapore - Austria Innovation and Business Day

    International B2B Meetings Asia Pacific Homeland Security

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    IPI Newsletter, Issue Jul/Aug 2015

    Articles included

    TechInnovation: A Premier Open Innovation Platform for SMEs

    Fashion Goes High-Tech

    Centre for Sustainable Nanotechnology Symposium 2015

    International Green Building Conference 2015

    Techventure 2015

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    IPI Newsletter, Issue May/Jun 2015

    Articles included

    Driving Open Innovation through Co-creation with External Partners

    IPI’s Third Tech Partners Networking Session

    IPI, LES and A*STAR commemorate World IP Day

    IPI participates in InnovFest 2015

    TechInnovation 2015

    Manufacturing Solutions Expo 2015

    Echelon Asia Summit 2015

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    IPI Newsletter, Issue Mar/Apr 2015

    Articles included

    How SMEs can grow their business with Open Innovation

    Commemorate World IP Day : A Joint Seminar by IPI - LES - A*STAR

    A*STAR SME Day 2015

    Crowdsourcing Week Global (Singapore)

    InnovFest Unbound 2015

    Roundtable on Precision Medicine

    IPI Participates in Inaugural BCA Research and Innovation Workshop

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    IPI Newsletter, Issue Sep/Oct 2014

    Articles included

    TechInnovation 2014 is returning on 23 to 24 September

    HIMSS AsiaPac14

    Techventure 2014

    Manufacturing Solutions Expo 2014

    Minister of State for Trade and Industry Visits Matex International

    IPI Establishes Partnerships in Turkey

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    IPI Newsletter, Issue Mar/Apr 2014

    Articles included

    TechInsights - Your Monthly Technology Bulletin

    Distil - Low-Energy Desalination, Water Purification and/or Product Concentration with Regenerative Heat Supply

    A Portable and Rapid Onsite Food Toxins Testing Platform

    Sensor Textiles for Improved Safety

    Eco-Friendly Cotton Dyeing Solutions

    Methods for Reduced Heat and Water Consumption in Polyester Dyeing

    InnovFest 2014

    Israel Innovation Conference

    IPI Annual Tech Partners Networking

    IPI hosts Forum/Networking Lunch for international partner, VTT Finland

    IPI Represents Singapore at IP Roundtable in Kuala Lumpur

    Anti-itch Moisturising Cream Treats Dermatological Diseases

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    IPI Newsletter, Issue Jan/Feb 2014

    Articles included

    TechInsights - Your Monthly Technology Bulletin

    Solid State Sensor System for Inspection of Prestressed Concrete Pressure Pipe, PCCP

    Ultra Low Power CO2 Sensor for Intelligent Buildings

    A NanoNeedle-Based Delivery System for Cosmetic Treatments

    Seeking Innovative FOOD PACKAGING for Dehydrated products

    New sources of flavour (Umami and Kokumi) enhancement

    AUTM 2014 Annual Meeting

    BioPharma Asia Convention 2014

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    IPI Newsletter, Issue Nov/Dec 2013

    Articles included

    TechInsights - Your Monthly Technology Bulletin

    Novel Way of Synthesizing an Antimicrobial Coating

    Highly Disease Resistant Chili Plant Varieties

    Wireless Network for Race Cars

    EmTech Singapore

    Nano Tech 2014

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    IPI Newsletter, Issue Sept/Oct 2013

    Articles included

    Sensor Textiles for Improved Safety

    Thin Film Coating to Improve Heat Transfer Property of Surfaces

    ITE Technology Conference 2013

    Asia Future Energy Forum & Exhibition and Asia Smart Grid/Electromobility Conference

    TECHINNOVATION 2013 Connects Industry and International Technology Providers

    Fall Detection and Auto-Emergency Assistance

    Disruptive Foot Scanner Technology

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    IPI Newsletter, Issue Mar/Apr 2013

    Articles included

    Advanced Forecasting of Demand for Short Lifecycle Products

    Microencapsulation of Water Soluble Drugs

    InnovFest 2013

    A*STAR GET-Up 10th Anniversary Event

    IPI & NTNU Forge Strategic Alliance for Innovation on World IP Day

    IPI Partners' Networking Evening

    Singapore Maps Out IP Masterplan

    Study Visit on the Best Practices of IP Management of S'pore for Officials from Central Asia Countries

    Go Green with ERS' Green Datacenter Racks

    Strengthening Capabilities Through Technology Collaboration

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    IPI Newsletter, Issue Jan/Feb 2013

    Articles included

    IPI Newsletter

    Permanently Antimicrobial Polymer

    Vector Control of Dengue Mosquito Larvae/Pupae using Ultrasound

    Topical Delivery of Supplements

    Make Innovation Real

    Eco-products International Fair 2013

    Industry Networking Event with CSIRO

    Success Story: Low Cost Earthquake Early Warning Detection System for Public Safety

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