Technology Sourcing

Once we have identified your technology needs, we will search for the right IP from our extensive network of technology partners from across the globe. We will contact the most appropriate technology providers for your requirements and help in establishing business models for licencing and collaboration.

Technology Scanning

We search our global network for technologies and expertise. This includes scanning technology portals, conducting patent analysis, and building technology partnerships across a diverse range of industries. All this is done with the intent to provide a robust IP network featuring the best available technologies and expertise that our clients can leverage for their business.


Technology Matching

Our IP Marketplace and global technology partner network facilitates matching of technologies and businesses, bringing opportunities to attract the best solutions provider. We also help to take your technologies to the marketplace and find viable market opportunities by creating a summarised technology write-up – a short description of your technology, its benefits and possible applications.

Technology Assessment

Our experienced and industry-savvy specialists help assess if your company is business-ready recommending how to leverage technologies or expertise and giving you a competitive edge in service offerings, ensuring viability to compete effectively in the real world. We identify how IPI’s network can provide companies with the innovations to boost operational efficiencies, improve business processes and costs.