21 Mar 2017

Enterprises Collaborate to Pilot Predictive Engine Maintenance Solution in Singapore

Companies operating their fleet of vehicles are increasingly implementing fleet management solutions to provide themselves with data to help improve their efficiency and productivity. Car Club is the largest car-sharing service provider in Singapore operating a fleet of more than 230 vehicles. Despite being the leading incumbent, Car Club proactively seeks strategic technology partnerships that enhance its service to its customers.

Through IPI’s introduction, Car Club was matched with ClickDrive, a Singapore-based telematics company that provides fleet management solutions to pioneer a predictive engine maintenance solution. Car Club has adopted ClickDrive’s innovative solution which provides individualised insights of each vehicle based on its unique usage pattern and engine loads. With the data, Car Club is better able to anticipate engine faults before they happen and work out an optimal schedule for maintenance.

“Car Club actively seeks innovation that adds value to our customers. We are pleased to partner ClickDrive in this collaboration. Their technology gives us individualised insights into our fleet’s health, helping us ensure that each vehicle is well-maintained,” said Mr Fujiwara Kazuya, Vice President of Car Club.

“We are excited to partner a major player like Car Club to pilot our solution in its fleet. The collaboration facilitated by IPI has enabled ClickDrive to validate the commercial merit of our solution on a large scale. Most recently, we were awarded the TECS1 Innovation Grant by SPRING Singapore. We will be using this grant to expand our team and build partnerships,” said Mr Mark Sutheran, Founder of ClickDrive.

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1About TECS (Technology Enterprise Commercialisation Scheme) Innovation Grant
The TECS is a competitive grant in which proposals are evaluated based on both technical and commercial merits by a team of reviewers from the government, VCs and industry, and the best are funded. Grants are awarded to innovative and competitive enterprises which have strong technology Intellectual Property and a scalable business model.


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