24 Jul 2017

From Lab to Runway – Fashion Meets Technology

Technology has opened new possibilities for fashion brands, enabling designers to incorporate new features in their apparel and accessories. Goodvine Pte Ltd (Goodvine), a local manufacturer of leather products marketed under the brand name Tocco Toscano, was interested to work with a Singapore-based technology partner to integrate wearable technologies into its new line of bags.

Through IPI, Goodvine was introduced to We Are Perspective (WAP), a Singapore-based industrial design consultancy firm that had the experience of developing a wireless security solution fitting Goodvine’s requirements. Recognising the synergy in a partnership, both parties embarked on product development to integrate security features like a biometric lock mechanism and proximity sensors since February 2017. Goodvine was also granted the Capability Development Grant (CDG)[1] from SPRING Singapore to work on this technology integration.

“Goodvine is thrilled to be able to successfully blend technology and craftsmanship and create a new product line by working with the right technology partner introduced by IPI. With this new series of bags slated for launch in early 2018, we hope to offer to our customers not only aesthetics and quality, but new functional benefits as well,” said Chester Kong, Chief Strategy Officer at Goodvine.

* * * * *

[1] About Capability Development Grant (CDG)
The Capability Development Grand (CDG) is a financial assistance programme, under SPRING Singapore, that helps SMEs to scale up businesses and build capabilities across 10 key business areas, ranging from raising service standards, adopting technology to staff training and overseas expansion. The grant supports a wide range of capability upgrading initiatives to help SMEs grow their businesses locally and globally.


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