15 May 2017

Technology Collaboration Brings Advanced Cancer Molecular Diagnostics to Asia

Molecular diagnostics is used to measure and detect the presence of genetic material associated with specific diseases, and applied as a tool by healthcare professionals and patients to improve clinical outcomes and medical decisions. Asia Genomics, a Singapore-based molecular diagnostics company specialising in clinical genomics in areas relating to genetic diseases was seeking to advance its in-house capabilities and know-how particularly in cancer diagnostics.

In early 2015, IPI organised a round-table discussion on Precision Medicine with Dr Edison Liu, President & CEO of Jackson Laboratory as the keynote speaker. Jackson Laboratory, is an independent, non-profit biomedical research institution headquartered in the United States. Following the round-table, Asia Genomics and Jackson Lab continued their discussions on potential technology transfer of cancer panel molecular diagnostics and the provision of such services to Asian patients. A collaboration was formalised in August 2016, where Asia Genomics and Jackson Laboratory will exchange know-how on the positioning of cancer panel in Asia and provide educational tools to facilitate practicing clinicians to understand this new area of technology.

“Asia Genomics is pleased to be connected with Jackson Laboratory through IPI’s wide network of technology partners. The collaboration will strengthen our diagnostics capabilities and also set the stage for future collaboration in the area of technology transfer of lab-based technologies and bioinformatics,” said Dr Wong Mun Yew, Founder and CEO of Asia Genomics.


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