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Technology Offers ( Electronics - Lasers, Optics & Photonics )

Ultra-High Resolution and Fade-Resistant Colour Printing

Commercial print technologies today such as inkjet, laserjet and offset printing all rely on the sequential deposition of dyes to produce...

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Free-form Lenses For Use In Imaging Optics

Our secret lies in the novel shape of our free-form lenses - conventional lenses are rotationally symmetrical; free-form lenses are rotationally asymmetrical...

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Wireless Fibre Bragg Grating Sensing System

The application of fibre Bragg grating (FBG) sensors in the field of structural health monitoring is on the rise. However, its growth in the sensor market...

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A Nanoplasmonic Device for High Performance Nanotechnology Products

Nanoplasmonics deal with creating ultra-compact components for nanoscale photonic devices to match their electronic counterparts....

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Low-Cost Tunable Semiconductor Laser

The present invention describes the use of multi-wavelength laser array (MLA) to construct a low-cost tunable semiconductor laser. The MLA utilized a proprietary...

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Digital Holographic Microscope

A cost competitive digital holographic microscope for high precision 3D imaging and measurement of microstructures (1-1000 mm) in real-time. The technique used is...

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Optical Sensors for Point of Need Diagnostics

Optical sensor is the critical element in the development of optical point of need diagnostics. The technology provider has a growing library of optical...

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See-through Projection Screen and Display System

The key technology of the proposed see-through display system is a film with less than 50% of the area being made optically diffusive and kept most of...

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High Quality Silver Quantum Dots

In the field of biotechnology and medicine, quantum dot emission wavelengths are very critical since the natural tissue should not have absorbance and luminescence in...

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