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Self-Pumping Magnetic Cooling

Thermal management solutions are critical to the performance of electronic devices. Current cooling approaches for thermal management like micro jet cooling and spray...

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Closed-Loop Automatic Frequency Control of Wireless Power Transfer

This technology has been developed in response to the state-of-the-art wireless power transfer systems, especially, in response to a...

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Smart Distribution Board

Essentially, we make a Distribution Board (DB) smart by incorporating an innovative sensor and coupled it with data analytics. The Smart DB can now sense the electricity usage...

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Smart Underwater Battery Power System for Inspection Remote Underwater Vehicles

Ships coming into docks are required to undergo hull inspections and dock position checks. This task is traditionally...

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Power Sensing Method for Energy Harvesting and Low Power Electronics

Energy harvesting is the process by which ambient energy is captured and converted into electricity for small autonomous devices,...

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Automated Electrical Protection System

Power outage is a common problem, which happens when there are electrical faults occurring, which would lead to discontinuity of electric supply to domestic...

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Flexible Super Capacitor for Wearable Applications

Commercially available supercapacitors are packaged in metal cans or prismatic cells which are rigid while wearable devices should be soft and...

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Self-Sustainable Smart Electrical Current Sensors and Condition Monitors for Smart Safe Cities and Living

This is a groundbreaking proprietary technology on “Self-sustainable Smart Electrical Current...

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Phase Change Material (PCM) Based Heat Sink with Volumetric Expansion Control

The present invention relates to the assembly of a passive thermal management system, namely a phase change material (PCM...

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