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Technology Offers ( Electronics - Power Management )

Nanotechnology & Surface Modification Materials

This technology presents a method of manufacturing nanoparticles on powder (NPP), which is different from any process that ever existed before. It can...

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Self-Pumping Magnetic Cooling

Thermal management solutions are critical to the performance of electronic devices. Current cooling approaches for thermal management like micro jet cooling and spray...

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Piezoelectric Energy Harvester

A piezoelectric energy harvester converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. This is an alternative energy source, where sunlight and thermal energy are not...

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Electromagnetic Vibratory Energy Harvesting Technology

With the increasing attention to the Internet of Things (IoT), there is an increasing demand for energy harvesting technologies for supplying...

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Ultimate Regenerative Cooling System Requiring No Power Supply

As more integrated, high-performance central processing units (CPUs), large scale integrations (LSIs) and light emitting diodes (LEDs)...

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Power Sensing Method for Energy Harvesting and Low Power Electronics

Energy harvesting is the process by which ambient energy is captured and converted into electricity for small autonomous devices,...

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Automated Electrical Protection System

Power outage is a common problem, which happens when there are electrical faults occurring, which would lead to discontinuity of electric supply to domestic...

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An Energy Harvesting Turnstile

In secured compounds where turnstiles are installed such as college campuses or underground tunnels, energy harvesting techniques can potentially generate electric...

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