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Alternative Materials for Conductive Inks

High-aspect ratio metal nanowires (silver, copper and copper-nickel) are a suitable replacement for indium tin oxide (ITO) as material in creating transparent...

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Submicron, Printed, Conductive Lines.

The concepts of printed electronics offer a tremendous potential when brought to nanotechnology. Weprovidean all-in-one solution to print a wide range of...

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Conductive Copper Inks for Printed Electronics

The total market for printed, flexible and organic electronics is projected to grow to $76.79 billion in 2023. A large part of that are conductive inks,...

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Digital Asynchronous Logic In Printed Electronics

Digital logic circuits operate by means of a global sequencing element commonly known as \'clock\'. Error-free operation is assured by operating the...

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See-through Projection Screen and Display System

The key technology of the proposed see-through display system is a film with less than 50% of the area being made optically diffusive and kept most of...

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Smart Bandage for Real-Time Wireless Monitoring of Chronic Wounds

The technology offers a smart bandage with reusable electronics for real-time wireless monitoring of wound pH, pressure and bleeding...

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Roll Imprint Apparatus

Existing methods of forming fine patterns utilizes inscription and hot embossing process technologies.These require photo registers or resins as a medium to perform the...

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Roll-To-Roll Fabrication Based Triboelectric Nanogenerators And Pressure Sensor Arrays

The triboelectric mechanism utilizes two principles working in conjunction: triboelectric effect and...

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One-Step Fabrication of a Highly Conductive and Durable Copper Paste for Flexible Electronics

Line patterning techniques using conductive metal ink have recently attracted a great deal of interest in...

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