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E-Chain, A Personal Possession Anti-theft Security Dongle

Have you encountered this experience, where you left your personal items and only after a while you realized it or someone has secretly...

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Measurement Environments For Everyone, Everywhere

Knowing about the high cost of instrumentation, we offer a complete set of innovative Software-Defined Measurement Instruments at a very low price. So...

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Remote Real-Time Vital-Sign Monitoring System Using Patented SIL Radar Technology

This system uses the patented self-injection-locked (SIL) radar technology. In its basic operation, a voltage-...

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Eagle Eye System - Ultra WideBand High Precision and Accuracy Real Time Location Systems

EagleEye system based onUltra Wideband (UWB) gives high-accuracy, low-latency indoor position and location of...

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UWB (Ultra Wide Band) Chipset and the Application Examples

Abstract: Global Interface Technologies Group (GIT Japan and Global Interface Wireless Technologies) is a Global leader in developing...

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Body Area Network for Medical ICT

Data communication with Impulse UWB technology for Medical Information Communication Technology (ICT) application was determined in IEEE standard (IEEE 802.15.6)....

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Millimeter Wave Gigabit Wireless Communications

Millimeter wave communications compliant to 802.11ad standard operating in the 60GHz band sets a new bar in personal wireless communications and allows...

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UWB Real Time Location System (RTLS) for Business Intelligence System

This Ultra Wideband (UWB) positioning solution gives high-accuracy, low-latency indoor position and location of moving objects....

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Thin Film Microwave Radiation Absorbent Material

Radiation-absorbent material (RAM), is a material used to absorb incident radio frequencies (RF) from all possible directions. A good RAM coating...

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