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Integrated Fibre Optic Sensor Based Monitoring System for LNG Terminals

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is an important fuel source for Singapore, and the safe operation of the Singapore LNG Terminal will...

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Smart Toilet System

This system presents a real-time display (graphical user interface, abbreviated as GUI) of people density and ammonia odor level to help improve the productivity and effectiveness...

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Power Measurement System

The technology offer presents a simple and easy to install power measurement system, which can be retrofitted onto the cranksets of bicycles. Power measurement system is...

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Piezoelectric Material Technologies

A number of materials are known to exhibit the piezoelectric effect, which is the generation of electricity when the material undergoes mechanical stresses....

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Piezoelectric Accelerometer for Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring is important to realize self-diagnostic functionality for civil structures, vehicles and machinery arrangements. Using...

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Closed-Loop Automatic Frequency Control of Wireless Power Transfer

This technology has been developed in response to the state-of-the-art wireless power transfer systems, especially, in response to a...

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Photovoltaic UV Detector Technologies

Ultraviolet (UV) light generates pronouced effects on material structures and properties, chemical reactions and living organisms. Due to this, UV intensity...

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A Selective and Sensitive Electrochemical Biosensor for early-stage Zika diagnostics

The Zika-virus (ZIKV) infection is considered a deadly persistent epidemic and is of global concern due to the...

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Elderly Care Nursing Call/Fall Detection System

Due to the shortage of skilled manpower and rapidly ageing population, the healthcare industry faces challenges to best optimize their resources to...

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