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Next-Generation Cost-Efficient Touch Interface for Large Sized Objects

Existing technologies for large-sized touch interfaces are costly and do not offer after-market conversion; almost all touch...

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Speech Classification and Localisation

Video surveillance has been prominent in recent years. These surveillance systems generally do not incorporate acoustic modules due to the noise/interference...

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Power Measurement System

The technology offer presents a simple and easy to install power measurement system, which can be retrofitted onto the cranksets of bicycles. Power measurement system is...

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Smart Membrane Monitoring System for Sustainable Membrane Distillation Process

Membrane distillation is a thermally-driven membrane- separation process. With this process, only water vapor passes...

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Optical Sensors for Point of Need Diagnostics

Optical sensor is the critical element in the development of optical point of need diagnostics. The technology provider has a growing library of optical...

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E-Chain, A Personal Possession Anti-theft Security Dongle

Have you encountered this experience, where you left your personal items and only after a while you realized it or someone has secretly...

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A Novel Graph Optimization Approach to Localization (GOAL) with Application for Unmanned Systems

GOAL is concerned with 2-D plane and 3-D space localization technology for robots. The methodology...

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Seat Occupancy Detection using Capacitive Sensor

Capacitive sensing solutions are based on interference of objects or people with the electromagnetic field. Most commercial capacitive sensors have...

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Portable Multi-Sensor Apparatus for In-situ High Dynamic Range 3D Measurement

In the past, a finished or semi-finished workpiece had to be removed from the production line for offline measurement as a...

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