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Seeking Lift Monitoring and Diagnostic System

There is currently a lift monitoring system in place to monitor lift operations and manage emergency events, for example man-trap cases. However, the...

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Seeking Automated Solutions and Artificial Intelligence System for Inspection, Diagnosis and Maintenance of External Building Facades

Due to aging building stock and the increasing complexity of...

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Seeking Solutions to Maintain Good Ventilation in Enclosed Spaces with Zero or Very Minimal Energy

In highly urbanised environments, excessive noise is one factor that negatively affects liveability....

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Seeking Solutions on Cleaning, Waste Management and Monitoring of Environmental Process Parameters - Joint Innovation Call by Gov-PACT NEA-ESG

The National Environment Agency (NEA) and Enterprise...

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Seeking Low Cost Non-intrusive Solutions to Measure Steam Flow and Compressed Air Pressure - Joint Innovation Call by Gov-PACT NEA-ESG

About Gov-PACT NEA-ESG Joint Innovation Call on Cleaning, Waste...

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Seeking Technologies to Geo-reference and Detect Underground Services and Assets for New Estates

Embedded and underground services such as electrical trunkings and water pipes are commonly found in...

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