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Manufacturing Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Quantum Dots

Current transition metal dichalogenides (TMD) nanomaterials are made from the top down methods; processing from bulk millimeter scale large...

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LED With Polarized Light Emission

Polarized light LED is required in some applications, such as in LCD backlighting. In this case, the non-polarized light from LEDs needs to be converted to polarized...

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Dedicated Neural Network Acceleration Processor for Edge Intelligence

Deep Learning has triggered the need for architectural re-design of traditional microprocessors; this new class of dedicated...

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Next-Generation Cost-Efficient Touch Interface for Large Sized Objects

Existing technologies for large-sized touch interfaces are costly and do not offer after-market conversion; almost all touch...

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Speech Classification and Localisation

Video surveillance has been prominent in recent years. These surveillance systems generally do not incorporate acoustic modules due to the noise/interference...

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Power Measurement System

The technology offer presents a simple and easy to install power measurement system, which can be retrofitted onto the cranksets of bicycles. Power measurement system is...

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Silver Nanowire (AgNW) for Transparent Conductive Films

This technology presents highly conductive, long silver nanowires (AgNW), a key coating material in the fabrication of conductive and...

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Smart Membrane Monitoring System for Sustainable Membrane Distillation Process

Membrane distillation is a thermally-driven membrane- separation process. With this process, only water vapor passes...

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Optical Sensors for Point of Need Diagnostics

Optical sensor is the critical element in the development of optical point of need diagnostics. The technology provider has a growing library of optical...

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