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Technology Offers ( Energy - Battery & SuperCapacitor )

Bifunctional Catalysts For Rechargeable Metal-air Batteries

Metal-air batteries are green power supplies which generate little pollutants and CO2 emission. They are desirable to power electric...

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Fiber Supercapacitor for Wearable Applications

The technology is based on the fabrication of asymmetric fiber shaped or thread-like supercapacitor of 1.0 mm diameter that are weavable into fabric or...

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Photovoltaic UV Detector Technologies

Ultraviolet (UV) light generates pronouced effects on material structures and properties, chemical reactions and living organisms. Due to this, UV intensity...

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Composite Of Carbon Encapsulated Sulfur for Lithium Sulfur Battery Application

The lithium-sulfur batteries possess a theoretical specific capacity which is ~10 times as high as lithium-ion batteries...

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Through Substrate Via (TSV) with Embedded Capacitor for 3D Packaging

The demand for on-chip capacitor goes increasingly higher for integrated circuits (ICs) with 3D packaging technologies, because...

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Battery Energy Storage Materials

With strong expertise in electrochemistry and materials design, as well as in-house facilities for fabrication and testing of batteries, the...

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Energy Storage Technologies

Energy storage technologies are vital for smart grids, electric vehicles and consumer electronics. Our team has expertise in the area of energy storage materials such as...

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Modular Bipolar Plate for Redox Flow Battery

With the wide deployment of renewable energy harvesting devices, such as solar cells and wind turbines, there is an urgency to develop high efficiency and...

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Flexible Rechargeable High Capacity Lithium Sulphur Batteries

The development of high-capacity rechargeable batteries has been pursued intensively in the past two decades, especially for portable...

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