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Technology Offers ( Energy - Fuel Cells )

Hydrogen-on-Demand (HOD) System for Fuel Cell Portable Power Applications

The lack of hydrogen infrastructure has been the major barrier to fuel cell commercialisation, especially for portable...

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Self-Supported Cobalt Oxide-Based Catalysts

This technology showcases the fabrication of self-supported cobalt oxide-based catalyst beads by a novel gel-casting technique. The cobalt oxide-based...

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High Power Fuel Cell for Portable and Mobility Application

Hydrogen fuel cells convert hydrogen to electricity. Due to the lightweight nature of hydrogen, fuel cells are able to provide long endurance...

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Environmentally Friendly and Highly Efficient Multi-Fuel Power Generation System

This technology is related to the development of a highly innovative, energy efficient and environmentally friendly...

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Hydrogen Accumulator

The technology described herein is related to a hydrogen production and storage system which produces hydrogen by hydrolysis and stores the produced gas until utilization. As the...

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