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Technology Offers ( Environment, Clean Air/Water - Filter Membrane/Absorption Material )

An Innovative Membrane-based Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Solution for High Saline Wastewater

Galvanizing industries, electroplating industries, semiconductor industries, metal processing industries,...

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Reinforced Membranes for Producing Osmotic Power in Pressure Retarded Osmosis

The Pressure Retarded Osmosis (PRO) membrane is the key factor affecting the PRO performance (both water flux and power...

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High Flux and Low Fouling Membrane Separation Process

Membrane fouling due to particulates is driven by permeate drag is a key issue that reduces the efficiency of membranes in various applications....

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Energy Saving Capacitive De-Ionization Technology for Water Treatment

Against the background of the escalating water crisis globally, providing low-cost and high-efficiency solutions in desalination...

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Tunable Ultrahigh Surface Area Sorbents for Gas Separation and Purification

This technology was developed from a novel type of self-assembled porous crystalline materials, constructed of metal...

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Catalytic Advanced Oxidation Processes for High COD Wastewater

Advanced Oxidation Processes are primarily based on the utilization of electrochemistry in order to generate more number of hydroxyl...

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Switchable Materials Wettability for Controllable Oil-Water Separation

Reusable membrane has myriad environmental benefits.This remarkable smart material represents a low-cost, environmentally...

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Smart Membrane Monitoring System for Sustainable Membrane Distillation Process

Membrane distillation is a thermally-driven membrane- separation process. With this process, only water vapor passes...

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New Membrane Distillation Process for Sustainable Desalination

The technology is a thermal membrane-based process consisting of membrane modules installed in series. Operating at low temperature,...

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