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Technology Offers ( Environment, Clean Air/Water - Monitoring System & Sensor )

Portable Fluorescence Analyzer for Food Safety and Authenticity, Drug Detection, Environmental Monitoring

The technology combines pattern recognition with Spectral Fluorescence Signature (SFS)...

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Portable Microscopic Self-Checker Device For Microbial Detection

The technology is initially developed to complement the application of electrolyzed water for hygiene management. Electrolyzed water...

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Customizable Sensor Platform for Highly Specific Analyte Detection

This is essentially a highly specific molecular sensor based on cutting edge optical sensing technology. It is completely label...

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Passive Mid-infrared Sensors on Novel Germanium-on-Silicon Nitride Platform

Germanium-on-silicon nitride (GON) is a novel platform fabricated by wafer bonding and layer transfer. It has a larger...

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Biotoxin Adsorption Toxin Tracking (BATT) Device

BATT Device is a monitoring and research tool that could provide early warning on toxic algal blooms or shellfish contamination by accumulating toxins...

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Affordable Carbon Paste Electrodes for the Detection of Pesticides and Bio-organic Substances

The use of this carbon paste electrode (CPE) offers a variety of advantages when specifically used as an...

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Highly Sensitive and Selective Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Graphene Oxide Gas Sensor

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are organic compounds that easily vaporises. Along with carbon, they contain...

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A Rapid On-site Water Pathogen Detection Kit

The technology is a portable microbial rapid sampling and testing field kit for water quality monitoring, targeting Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Legionella...

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Smart Membrane Monitoring System for Sustainable Membrane Distillation Process

Membrane distillation is a thermally-driven membrane- separation process. With this process, only water vapor passes...

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