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Natural Food Preservative Derived from Egg Shells

The technology is based on manufacturing a natural food preservative that can be used widely in various food production process. The food preservative...

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Enriched Protein Ingredients

A team of researchers is able to modify and enrich the protein in food ingredients by alternating the functional properties of plant and dairy proteins. Solubility,...

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Hydrothermally Treated Polysaccharide Mixture and its Application in Gluten-Free Food Systems

Gluten is a protein present in wheat, barley, rye and their derivatives. Some people are genetically...

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Anti-Obesity Effect with Caraway Composition

The present invention relates to a herbal composition comprising aqueous extract of caraway prepared using steam distillation technique. This aqueous...

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Plant Based Formulation for Weight Management & Anti-Obesity

The technology offers a weight management & anti-obesity formulation with natural herbs Labisia Pumil (Kacip Fatimah) a plant native...

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Micro-Particles of Polyunsaturated Oils

Oils containing polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) has been proven to have a positive impact on marine life. However, these PUFA oils are unstable and difficult...

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Aroma Films for Food and Beverages

Consumers today not only demand that instant and ready-to-eat meals taste good but also smell good. However, volatile aromatic compounds that are...

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Low Glycemic Index Brownie (Without Fructose)

The low Glycemic Index (GI) brownie recipe is formulated to provide a tasty, low GI snack which does not induce spikes in postprandial glucose levels, and...

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Low Glycemic Index Banana Chocolate Cupcake (Without Fructose)

The Low Glycemic Index (GI) banana chocolate cupcake recipe is formulated to providing people with a tasty and low GI snack which does...

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