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Technology Offers ( Foods - Quality / Safety )

Portable Fluorescence Analyzer for Food Safety and Authenticity, Drug Detection, Environmental Monitoring

The technology combines pattern recognition with Spectral Fluorescence Signature (SFS)...

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Optical Sensors for Point of Need Diagnostics

Optical sensor is the critical element in the development of optical point of need diagnostics. The technology provider has a growing library of optical...

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DNA Biochip-based Detection of Food-Borne Pathogen

Food-borne pathogens are a huge concern and serious issue for human health. There is an increase in demand over food safety. Conventional method...

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Smart Labels: For Sterilisation Detection and Others

Gamma ray has been often used to kill living organism, in a process called irradiation. Applications of this include sterilisation of medical...

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Using Chemometrics Algorithm to Rapidly and Accurately Identify Chemical Composition of a Mixture for GC-MS Applications

Current PracticeMass spectrometry is a common analytical technique used to...

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Micromechanical Tester for the Analysis of Food-Grade Biodegradable Polymers

In the industry, standardise ASTM/ISO testing is readily available for macro-structure study of isotropic materials. The...

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In Vitro Upper Human Gastrointestinal Tract

This novel system mimics the condition of digestion within the human gastrointestinal tract from mouth to small intestine. This system also allows the...

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