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Safe and Efficient Production of Hypochlorous Acid

The technology owner has developed a weakly acidic hypochlorous acid manufacturing process that uses a patent pending buffering technology...

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Highly Sensitive Real Time Laser-based Bacteria Detection Technology

To prevent interrupted drinking water availability or the distribution of contaminated water, water utilities and bottled water...

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Carbon Fiber Aerogel: Transforming Waste to Worth

Globally, there is an increased need for sustainable technologies that reduce waste, turn waste into value-add products, and eliminate environmental...

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Reversible Colour-change Polymer Film

A novel, thermally switchable photochromism in solid materials was developed. The polymer film coating for glass and plastic surfaces has been developed that...

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Rapid Sensing Device with Graphene Quantum Dots and a Smartphone Readout

Quantum dots are nanoparticles which have found unique applications such as in imaging, sensing and even computing applications...

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Chicken Ginseng Soup Capsule - Redefining the Preparation of Herbal Soup

Revolutionising home cuisine through creating a fast approach to serve a concoction of herbs and chicken which traditionally...

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Nut Milk – Meeting the Demands of 'Clean' Tasting

The product is a natural, healthy, ethical and environmentally sustainable nut milk concentrate which contain natural, healthy functional...

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Chickuteh for Tapping into the Halal Market

The quintessential local dish, Bak Kut Teh, has been converted into a chicken-based version, targeted for the Halal market. Unique processing techniques...

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Biocatalytic Liquid Membrane Technology

The combination of liquid membrane permeation with multiphasic biocatalysis provides a sophisticated and profitable concept for continuous bioprocessing....

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