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Technology Offers ( Green Building - Green Façade & Windows )

Aerogel Super Insulator for Green Building Applications

Aerogel is the world s lightest solid material and exhibits the lowest thermal conductivity. Aerogel has more than twice the insulating...

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Energy Efficient Energy Generating Clear Glass

Various glazing and coating-type window accessories are in use worldwide as they offer thermal comfort improvements inside buildings, energy savings,...

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Geopolymer Concrete Printing

About two decades after its first proof-of-concept, 3D concrete printing is on the threshold to become more matured. It provides new opportunities such as higher degree of...

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Green Building Materials

The technologies developed in this category make use of material and deposition process expertise in ceramics, metals and polymers. Some examples of the technologies developed...

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Ultra-high Performance Cement Composite with Carbon Fibre Reinforcement

This technology presents a new generation of carbon fibre reinforced UHPCC. Carbon fibres are incorporated into the composite...

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Heat Reflecting Coating

This heat reflecting coating is based on a different operating principle as compared to other well-known insulating materials such as polystyrene, mineral wool or fibreglass....

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Tri-State Electrochromic Device - Modulation between Transparent, Color and Mirror

Our technology features a three state optical modulation between transparent, color and mirror appearance of a given...

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Warm Winters, Cool Summers

The global contribution from buildings towards energy consumption, both residential and commercial, has steadily increased to 20% and 40% in developed countries. Among...

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Nano Glass Coating for Green Building Applications

In the tropical region, buildings are under hot climate and constant exposure to high level of solar radiation all year round. As such, a huge amount...

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