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Microfluidic-sonication Device for Producing Coated Microbubbles

In medical imaging applications, gas-filled microbubbles stabilized with a surfactant or a polymer coating are routinely used as...

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Monitoring and Detection of Consciousness

Accurate anaesthetic dosage varies from patient to patient and is critical for the patient’s safety and successful sedation. The recommended standard is for...

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Customizable Sensor Platform for Highly Specific Analyte Detection

This is essentially a highly specific molecular sensor based on cutting edge optical sensing technology. It is completely label...

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Early Diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer belongs among the most lethal tumors with the lowest survival rate of all cancers. It is expected to become the second leading cause of...

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Dry Eye Rheometry

This technology provides an objective and reliable method for diagnosing DED and a device for performing the diagnostic method. Unlike existing technology used to diagnose and...

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A Tri-Pulse Optical Sensor (3-POS) for Human Pulse Diagnosis

The Tri-Pulse Optical Sensor (3-POS) consists of 3 optical sensors which measure heart pulses along the radial artery in the wrist at 3...

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House Dust Mite and American Cockroach Allergens Detection Test Kits

Mouse monoclonal antibodies specific to allergens of HDM (Der p 1 and Der p 2) and American cockroach (Per a 9 or arginine...

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Automated Diagnosis of Dry Eye using Infrared Thermography Images

Dry Eye (DE) is a condition of either decreased tear production or increased tear film evaporation. Prolonged DE damages the cornea...

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Non-Invasive Evaluation of Tear Evaporation Rate (TER) for Dry-Eye

This technology presents a method to evaluate the rate of tear evaporation (TERs) to diagnose, assess and monitor dry eye disease....

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