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Remote Cardiac Arrhythmia Monitoring Device with ECG

Systemic and algorithmic solutions for remote monitoring of cardiac arrhythmias in the field of ECG analysis and cardiac telerehabilitation system....

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Long-Term Insoluble Anti-Biofilm Protection Nanoparticle

Biofilm is the main form for bacteria and within the biofilm it is highly resistant to disinfectants, antibiotics or the host immune system....

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Innovative On-site PCR-based Diagnostic Platform

We have developed an on-site diagnostic platform based on a unique qPCR (polymerase chain reaction) technology that can directly detect nucleotide-...

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Low Cost, High Performance 3D Retinal Imaging

Imaging the human retina in-vivo plays a very important role in diagnosing eye and systemic diseases. Accurate and early diagnosis gives the patient...

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Biocorrector for Biorhythm Deviation

Chronobiology is a relatively new field of science which studies the periodic phenomena in living organism. These biological rhythms can be found in almost all...

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Pulse Diagnostic for Traditional Medicine

Pulse palpation is the main diagnostic method used in Indian, Tibetan and Traditional Chinese medicine. However, mastering pulse diagnosis requires many...

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Printable Low-Powered and Cost Efficient Cold Plasma Technology

Plasma technology was originally developed for surface treatment to improve surface adhesion of polymers. Recent progress in plasma...

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Wireless Photodynamic Therapy Device

It is a light-emitting device that can be implanted near a tumour through a small incision, by needle-injection, or during surgery and powered wirelessly by a...

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Cooling Device for Chemotherapy-induced Peripheral Neuropathy

A novel cooling device to the arms and legs has been developed to prevent complications of chemotherapy to the peripheral nervous system....

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