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Automated Device for Allodynia Testing and Pain Assessment

Pain is a survival mechanism which is indicative of ongoing or impending damage to human tissues. One in three Americans experience chronic...

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Eye Drop Guide Device for Installing Eye Drops

Elderly patients often experience difficulty with self-administering of eye medications which may result in medication wastage from instillation of more...

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In Vitro Diagnostic Equipment for Asthma and Respiratory Disease such as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

Respiratory diseases such as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and...

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Versatile Magnetic/optical Device for Advanced Nanotherapies

Our researchers have developed a new low cost device that allows the simultaneous or sequential induction of both magnetic and optical...

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Image-guided Robot Assisted Surgical Training (IRAS)

Currently, there are several surgical simulation systems that provide training features to build fundamental skills for laparoscopic surgery....

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Photovoltaic UV Detector Technologies

Ultraviolet (UV) light generates pronouced effects on material structures and properties, chemical reactions and living organisms. Due to this, UV intensity...

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Customizable Sensor Platform for Highly Specific Analyte Detection

This is essentially a highly specific molecular sensor based on cutting edge optical sensing technology. It is completely label...

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Wireless Photodynamic Therapy Device

It is a light-emitting device that can be implanted near a tumour through a small incision, by needle-injection, or during surgery and powered wirelessly by a...

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New UV-B Suncreen with Transient Window Effect and Improved Safety Profile

A new bespoken family of sunscreen compounds have been developed and patented, that share a common mechanism of reaching...

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