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Elderly Monitoring System (EMS)

The Elderly Monitoring System (EMS) monitors the elderly daily activities at home, and thus enabling the elderly to live independently on his/her own.  This is...

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Portable Microscopic Self-Checker Device For Microbial Detection

The technology is initially developed to complement the application of electrolyzed water for hygiene management. Electrolyzed water...

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Cell Culture Simulation based on Multi-Agent Computational Model Describing Behavior of Cells Cultured in Production of Corneal Epithelial Cell Sheet

Regenerative medicine using a person’s own cell,...

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Systems for Identifying Activities of Daily Living and Real-Time Fall Detection and Protection

Wearable devices with online detection functions that can identify various activities of daily living (...

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Virtual Fitness Coach for Squats

Reinforcing the core muscle by squattraining is the core of various sports. In the past, squat training requires a fitness coach based on the state of trainingfor...

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Mobile Phone App-Based Novel Oximetry System

Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is characterized by repetitive episodes of breathing cessation due to upper airway obstruction during sleep. OSA affects...

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Mobile Ophthalmic Slit-Lamp Examination System (MOSES)

Hand-held Portable Slit-lamp Bio-microscope (PSB) for examination of a wheelchair/bed-bound patient is limited by imageinstability and defocus. A...

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Non-invasive technique of assessing superficial blood vessel for occlusion

This technology utilises a non-invasive technique of collecting and assessing unique blood flow characteristics which can be...

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Permissioned Blockchain for Healthcare

Permissioned blockchains for Healthcare are an innovative and secure way to dramatically reduce cost and bureaucracy, increase trust, enable Audit Trails and...

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