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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Mining & Data Visualisation )

Intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) Data Management with Blockchain

The blockchain data management framework for the open, multi-party, and decentralized industrial & commercial markets....

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Real-time Traffic Prediction & Route Guidance

The technology predicts future traffic conditions of large scale road networks in real-time and provide predictive route guidance to users. In this way,...

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Transportation analytics: from algorithms to apps

Singapore s economy has been expanding in recent years at an impressive rate. Such expansion leads to a tremendous demand for goods deliveries....

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Medication Adherence Monitoring and Analytics

The medication adhererence technologies was conceptualised and developed to address the issue of medication adherence in various patient populations,...

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A Data-Driven Career Knowledge Exploration Framework and System

Today’s job market sees rapid changes due to technology and business model disruptions. To fully tap on one’s potential in career...

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Learning Analytics System for Step Based Learning Activities

Learning analytics systems collect, measure and report data about learners to support instructors to understand students’ learning and make...

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Efficient Selection of Geospatial Data on Maps for Interactive and Visualized Exploration

With the increasing popularity of mobile devices and location-based services, massive amount of geo-textual...

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Geographical Latent Representation for Predicting Future Visitors

Rich geo-textual data is available online and the data keeps increasing at a high speed. We propose two user behavior models to learn...

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Wearable-Based Consumer Activity Tracking for Eating & Retail

Personalised lifestyle analytics has always been of interest to researchers in domains such as healthcare, where researchers may be...

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