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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Cloud Computing )

Unified Cloud Platform

The  world  for  businesses  applications  is,  if  not  already,  dominated  by  cloud providers. The big three are...

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Cloud Gaming Solutions

This technology is a solution that allows existing games to be deployed on the internet without modifying source code. The technology frees the players from the overheads...

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Using Contextual Locations for Embedding Cloud Information in the Home

Placing information at specific locations in the home provides rich and intuitive ways for people to cope with information, as...

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Design and Development of a Comprehensive Information Technology Infrastructure for Data-intensive Applications and Analysis

The technology will advance science to deal with the "Big Data" revolution...

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System and Methods for Distributed Data Storage

This invention relates to distributed data storage systems comprising highly recoverable and reliable data storage and encoding methods.Specifically,...

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Cloud Platform to Easily Build and Scale Software

There are a lot of problems, even at the level of your immediate surroundings, that can be solved or alleviated using software. However,The skills...

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