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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Computer Simulation & Modeling )

Dynamic Mobility Management - Maximizing Potential of Taxis

Urban congestion is a huge problem all over the world. Congestion not only causes inconvenience for commuters, but also substantial social...

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Cell Response Prediction with Virtual Cell Model

Research has shown that cells have the ability to sense and respond to changes in topographical, chemical and mechanical cues in their...

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Cell Culture Simulation based on Multi-Agent Computational Model Describing Behavior of Cells Cultured in Production of Corneal Epithelial Cell Sheet

Regenerative medicine using a person’s own cell,...

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Simulation and Monitoring of Smart Mobility (AV, V2X) Traffic Scenarios

With the large number ofAutonomous Vehicle (AV)...

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Gate System Operations Tool (For Multi-purpose Port and Other Service Industries)

Ports ensure smooth transfer of cargo from oceans to land through multiple freight vehicles. The gate system at the...

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Large-Scale Crowd Simulation Based On Real-World Data

Managing crowds in a large indoor facility in face of uncertain crowd behaviors is challenging yet of critical importance in ensuring operation...

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Automated Application Provisioning and Recommending System that Recognizes the User’s Situation from Device Sensors and Recommends the User-adapted Application

Our system can recommend the...

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This is a unique solution that allows an individual to calibrate their audio-visual asynchronies in order to identify the personally optimised audio-visual synchronies to enhance...

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Multilevel Energy Optimization: Assessment of the Potential of CO2-reduction Measures in the Transport Sector

The transportation and logistics industry is one of the main contributors to carbon...

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