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Bluetooth-based Indoor Location Tracking Solution

Radio frequency localization principle is based on measurement of Received Signal Strength (RSS) from the anchor transmitters. Further corrections are...

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Enterprise Blockchain Platform-as-a-Service and App Marketplace

Institutions are experimenting and investors have poured millions of dollars into Blockchain related firms. However, organizations in...

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Remote Assistance Technology

This is a remote collaboration technology that enables interaction between on-site personnel & remote (off-site) experts/supervisors via real-time video and...

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Personal Online Data Management with Asset Management Production System (AMPS)

AMPS is a collaborative and versatile cloud-based data repository solution with multi-functional features. It allows...

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Simple & Secure Multi-Factor Authentication, Transaction Authorisation and Data Encryption

WE MAKE SENSITIVE DATA IRRELEVANT The current paradigm of developing and deploying applications (either in...

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AMPS - Asset Management and Production System

AMPS primarily focuses on file hosting and asset tracking. It enables archiving, retrieving, tracking, sharing and interacting with assets of...

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Technology Management and Validation Hub

Our solution gives an opportunity to users to access technologies from everywhere and let you find reliable validators and partners by checking their portfolio...

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Cloud-Based Intelligent Legal Platform

First integrated legal system for law firms and legal representatives of both large corporate environments and SME segments. The system is able to...

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Data Management System on Secure Data Sharing Service to Reduce Operational Expenses

The data management system reduces data center s power consumption by providing the characteristics of a secure...

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