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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Interactive Digital Media & Multimedia )

Actionable Multi-Camera Live Video Streaming

We bring a new dimension into an entire live video streaming ecosystem.Presenters can upload any number of camera sources at any location through our cloud...

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A Parenting Mobile Game for Parents and Caregivers of Children with ADHD

‘The Child Whisperer’ is a parenting mobile app that targets parents and caregivers of primary school-going children (aged 7-12...

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Augmenting Urban Soundscapes

A noise problem in the urban environment in many countries including Singapore starts with a noise source such as a stream of traffic on a highway, MRT track and other...

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Artificial Intelligence Enhanced Games for the Public by the Public

IntelliK Studio is a programming-free game authoring platform which equips users with the right tools to design and develop...

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Personal Online Data Management with Asset Management Production System (AMPS)

AMPS is a collaborative and versatile cloud-based data repository solution with multi-functional features. It allows...

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Virtual Fitness Coach for Squats

Reinforcing the core muscle by squattraining is the core of various sports. In the past, squat training requires a fitness coach based on the state of trainingfor...

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Brand New Way To Engage With Movies

Tap on movie just to play/stop it? Why not tap on the movie to get further information of it? This technology gives you brand new movie experience which connect...

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A Predictive Parkinson’s Disease Analytics and Rehabilitation Game

Together with Pacific Parkinson’s Research Centre (PPRC), Canada, we have launched this personal wellness informatics platform for...

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Serious Game for Supply Chain Integration

This is a serious game that allows you to experience how international supply chain logistics can become more robust, reliable and efficient. The game is...

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