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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Interactive Digital Media & Multimedia )

Liver Workbench

Liver Workbench is a medical image processing and visualization tool suite that provides clinicians with a detailed understanding of the 3D interior structure of the liver as well as...

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A Predictive Parkinson’s Disease Analytics and Rehabilitation Game

Together with Pacific Parkinson’s Research Centre (PPRC), Canada, we have launched this personal wellness informatics platform for...

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Artificial Intelligence Enhanced Games for the Public by the Public

IntelliK Studio is a programming-free game authoring platform which equips users with the right tools to design and develop...

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Personal Online Data Management with Asset Management Production System (AMPS)

AMPS is a collaborative and versatile cloud-based data repository solution with multi-functional features. It allows...

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Augmenting Urban Soundscapes

A noise problem in the urban environment in many countries including Singapore starts with a noise source such as a stream of traffic on a highway, MRT track and other...

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AMPS - Asset Management and Production System

AMPS primarily focuses on file hosting and asset tracking. It enables archiving, retrieving, tracking, sharing and interacting with assets of...

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A Speaker Specially Designed For Speech

Ordinary speaker solutions are designed to create a sweetspot in one particular area, and thus disperse the sound in a narrow beam in one specific area right...

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Video Game for the Elderly to Enhance Positive Learning and Behavorial Functions

This is a video game that installs and runs on an Android-based tablet, containing 3 game difficulty levels. Together...

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Computer Assisted Cel Animation System

Our computer assisted Cel animation software solution allows the user to draw, animate, paint and export their animations. It improves upon several laborious...

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