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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Security & Privacy )

An End-to-End Database Homomorphic Encryption Layer

Our technology is a database encryption solution that provides per-column encryption granularity and enables operations over encrypted columns...

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Highly Secure 3-Factor Voice Authentication and Signature

This technology is a patented 3-factor in 1-touch Voice-Biometric solutions for Secure Authentications and Voice E-Signatures.It is an...

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Network Security Protocol for Internet-of-Things (IoT) & Operational Technology (OT) Networks and Devices

Securing embedded IoT devices and networks are challenging due to the limited computing...

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Hardware Security Preventing Side-channel Attack

We offer a side-channel-attack-resistance (SCA-resistance) technology to realize hardware secure crypto accelerators, e.g. Advanced Encryption Standard...

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Simple & Secure Multi-Factor Authentication, Transaction Authorisation and Data Encryption

WE MAKE SENSITIVE DATA IRRELEVANT The current paradigm of developing and deploying applications (either in...

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Mobile App Security Solution

A Gartner study suggests that by 2017, over 75% of apps will fail basic security testing primarily because of app misconfigurations. Over the last one year, we've...

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Multi-hop, Scalable and Dynamic Wireless Backhaul Technologies

PicoCELA Backhaul Engine (PBE) is an embedded system application that adds a multi-hop communication capability to a wireless platform...

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Anti-Drone Solution

Commercially available Anti-Drone solutions usually use jammer (jamming the frequencies used by the drones to make the drone crash or go away), net (by another drone or from the...

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GPS Security Tracking for Supply Chains

With the rise of new threats to cargo security, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to deploy electronic cargo tracking solution in their...

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