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Enterprise Mobile Messaging App to Boost Employee Engagement

The future is digital. This technology is an award-winning mobile communication platform for non-desk bound employees.Every ...

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Bus Analytics Using Twitter

There is much feedback on a public transportation system that can be found on the Social Media platform. However, they are not easy to analyse. As the information often...

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Real-time Collaboration on a Shared Map with Multiple Displays

Effective collaboration has become increasingly important for map based information sharing. This is especially important in multiple...

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Incentive-based Crowd Management

The crowd management technology is an activity recommendation system that offers optimised assortment consisting of options of transport, and activities around a...

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Facebook Data Analytics: Finding the Strategic Business Location

Choosing an optimal physical location to set up a new business is a crucial decision that affects the success of the potential...

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Technology Management and Validation Hub

Our solution gives an opportunity to users to access technologies from everywhere and let you find reliable validators and partners by checking their portfolio...

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Social Networking Platform for Travel

Today's online travel agencies have not addressed these key features: Provide search result of hotels that tailor fit the users' lifestyle Engage users...

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Context-Aware Mobile Crowdsourcing and Logistics

Mobile crowdsourcing continues to suffer from problems such as unpredictable and unfair task completion rates and worker churn. We believe that such...

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Creating Cyber-Physical Social Networks

The Web is becoming an increasingly popular venue for collaboration and socializing. Communities on the Web used to derive relationships from real world social...

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