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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Speech/Audio Processing )

Cloud-Based Automatic Speech Recognition

The rapid expansion of the mobile device market is driving new demand for cloud-based Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) for speech transcription, applications...

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This is a unique solution that allows an individual to calibrate their audio-visual asynchronies in order to identify the personally optimised audio-visual synchronies to enhance...

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Noise Reduction and Acoustic Echo Cancellation Algorithms for Speech Communications Devices

Voice communications systems are ubiquitous and devices that enable voice interactions have grown rapidly in...

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Speaker as a Microphone

This technology consists of a hardware and software solution to improve audio zoom and background noise isolation. With a single chipset, the Speaker-as-Microphone technology...

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24bit Hi-Fi Sound Integration for Wireless Audio

This technology consists of a hardware and software solution to improve wireless audio resolution transmitted over Bluetooth connectivity, improving...

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Speech Enhancement for Non-stationary Noisy Environment

Voice communication systems, e.g., mobile phones, in-car communication systems, etc., are necessary and ubiquitous in our daily life. However,...

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Next-generation Sound Transmission Technologies

In general, humans use two methods to hear sounds: air conduction method and bone conduction method.  In the air conduction method, sound is...

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A MICROPHONE That Distinguishes Between Voice and Noise - So That You Can Hear It All, Always

Modern collaborative environments such as classrooms and conferencing rooms faces challenges with...

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