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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Video/Image Processing )

Magic Touch Technologies

Magic Touch is a portfolio of advanced image/video manipulation technologies that enable easy creation of fun and eye-catching effects from photos and short video clips via...

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Embeddable Image Processing Technology for Visibility Through Visual Barriers

The ability to through visual barriers is critical and therefore in high demand for humans as well as our automated...

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3D Vision System for Industrial Applications

Our company develops smart state of the art 3D vision systems. The deep scientific research was transformed into a unique patented technology of an...

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Free Space Technology and Its Applications to Automotive and Robotics

Free space is defined as the area in front of a vehicle (robot), devoid of obstacles that might obstruct movement of the vehicle....

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Enhancement of Color Videos for Surveillance Systems

The key feature of the technology lies in the application of video signal processing techniques to improve the quality of the video. Digital...

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Visual-based Localization and Motion Flow Analysis for Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicle technology is aiming to enhancing road safety, reducing traffic accident, proving freely movement of all...

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AMPS - Asset Management and Production System

AMPS primarily focuses on file hosting and asset tracking. It enables archiving, retrieving, tracking, sharing and interacting with assets of...

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