Tech Offer/Tech Need

Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Video/Image Processing )

Interactive Segmentation Toolbox

Interactive Segmentation Toolbox is a comprehensive toolbox designed for developers. The underlying algorithm is interfaced with easy-to-use APIs for people with no or...

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Embeddable Image Processing Technology for Visibility Through Visual Barriers

The ability to see through visual barriers is critical and therefore in high demand for humans as well as our...

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Remote Assistance Technology

This is a remote collaboration technology that enables interaction between on-site personnel & remote (off-site) experts/supervisors via real-time video and...

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Actionable Multi-Camera Live Video Streaming

We bring a new dimension into an entire live video streaming ecosystem.Presenters can upload any number of camera sources at any location through our cloud...

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Brand New Way To Engage With Movies

Tap on movie just to play/stop it? Why not tap on the movie to get further information of it? This technology gives you brand new movie experience which connect...

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3D Vision System for Industrial Applications

Our company develops smart state of the art 3D vision systems. The deep scientific research was transformed into a unique patented technology of an...

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