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System and Method for Managing Interactive E-Learning Content without a Stable Internet Connection

Our technology is a system and method for managing interactive content such as but not limited to...

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Tunable Sound Source Separation

Amazon Echo and Google Home Assistant are bringing the Star-Trek like voice command as the main Human Machine Interaction from the realm of science fiction to reality....

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Augmenting Urban Soundscapes

A noise problem in the urban environment in many countries including Singapore starts with a noise source such as a stream of traffic on a highway, MRT track and other...

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AI Technology-Based Detecting Cognitive Impairment of Elderly People from Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) Signals during Verbal Interaction

The world is now aging rapidly in Asian...

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Intelligence Reconstruction Gear OS (IRGO) and and Real-Time Packet Reconstruction Technology (RTPR) for Cyber Security & Intelligence

The marketplace requires a breakthrough network packet forensics...

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Parametric Assistive Hearing Device (PAHD) to enhance listening for hearing impaired and elderly

Hearing problems are among the most common complications which affect the quality of life of the...

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Robust Real-Time Early Warning System for Landslides

The invention is an alternative instrument for monitoring deep-seated landslides based on tilt and soil moisture. The system is composed of a...

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60 GHz Millimeter Wave Multi-Gigabit Connectivity for the Data-Driven Society

In today's data-driven society, the amount of data generated and processed is continually increasing. This, in turn,...

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Location Based Contact Tracing System for Infectious Disease Outbreaks and Operational Efficiency

A real-time contingency monitoring, crowd filtering and decision support system that uses the existing...

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