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GPS Security Tracking for Supply Chains

With the rise of new threats to cargo security, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to deploy electronic cargo tracking solution in their...

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Smart Logistics Solution for the Global Shipping Business

Liner shipping business is under various challenges internally and externally. Our up-to-date IT technologies help shipping businesses lower...

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Last-Mile Delivery Platform for Logistics

The future of last-mile delivery is highly dependent on the evolution of e-commerce, which is why the way companies choose to operate today has changed...

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eMarket for Collaborative Urban Logistics

Last-mile deliveries in urban areas often raise environmental and social issues in Singapore and urban cities worldwide. As the e-commerce market and urban...

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Building An Intelligent Supply Chain

From“hands-free” wearables to sensors, Internet of Things (IoT) to robotics- smart technologies and automation can profoundly change logistics, supply chain...

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RFID Smart Cabinet

This RFID Smart Cabinet is designed for the healthcare industry to store and track high-value contents with RFID technology.In consignment sales, a supplier places inventory...

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Hyperledger-based Open Logistics Platform for Last-Mile Fulfillment

The solution features a blockchain based distributed ledger platform using secure blockchain protocols, capable of securely managing...

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Truck Platooning Matchmaking: A Solution to Enable the Formation of Truck Platoons by Using Real-time Operational and Logistics Data

The deployment of truck platooning – heavy-goods vehicles driving...

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Time Attendance System with Portable RFID Readers

This system automates the marking of attendance in events, such as seminars, in-house training, company meetings, using RFID. It helps to improve...

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