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Truck Platooning Matchmaking: A Solution to Enable the Formation of Truck Platoons by Using Real-time Operational and Logistics Data

The deployment of truck platooning – heavy-goods vehicles driving...

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Multilevel Energy Optimization: Assessment of the Potential of CO2-reduction Measures in the Transport Sector

The transportation and logistics industry is one of the main contributors to carbon...

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The System of Formation of Passports of Trains with Recognition of Numbers of Wagons

Usually, large enterprises need to carry out transportation on their territory, as well as between branches of the...

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Anti-Drowsy Driving Alarm

This is a drowsy-driver detection innovation by analyzing user brainwave to warn the user before they fall asleep while operating a machinery. To use this device, the...

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Bus Analytics Using Twitter

There is much feedback on a public transportation system that can be found on the Social Media platform. However, they are not easy to analyse. As the information often...

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Obstacle Avoidance Navigation Algorithm for Autonomous Vehicles

Conventional autonomous navigation algorithm does not incorporate parameters like, shape, the size of the vehicle into consideration....

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