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Technology Offers ( Manufacturing - Assembly / Automation / Robotics )

Factory Automation with Contacts in Unstructured Environments

Light industries are characterised by unstructured environments - parts/objects are placed in random/unknown positions and orientations....

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Modular and Easily Reconfigured Manufacturing Cells

Typical production lines in a factory are highly customised and expensive to reconfigure. Stations were centrally controlled by a PLC and sensors...

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Optimisation Engine for Future Fab

Job scheduling is an important and highly complex process in semiconductor manufacturing. This is routinely carried out by senior planners manually through...

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Laser Magnetometer

Magnetoencephalography (MEG) is a neuroimaging technique for mapping brain activity by recording magnetic fields produced by electrical currents occurring naturally in the brain....

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Dual-wavelength Lensless Digital Holographic Microscope for Dynamic Inspection on Micro-electro-mechanical Systems (MEMs)

The invention of dual-wavelength lens digital holographic microscopy system is...

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Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing for SMEs

Internet connectivity has helped many manufacturing companies address their communication needs and enabled their business growth. However, to enable existing...

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Autonomous Transporter

Intelligent/collaborative robots are ideal tools for taking up mundane and laborious tasks in a manufacturing environment. Presently, there is a diverse range of robots designed...

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Plasma-Roller: A Portable Surface Treatment Solution

Surface preparation and treatment are necessary and common steps in many manufacturing processes. Disinfection of work surfaces to remove micro-...

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Multi-Channel Adaptive Packaging Machine

Automatingpackaging processes for irregular products such as potatoes, dried mushrooms, and rock sugar are a challenge due to its irregularity in shape, size,...

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