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Technology Offers ( Materials - Polymers )

Safe and Eco-Friendly Antimicrobial Nano-Polymer

This technology presents polymer particles that adhere to the surface of bacteria/virus particles, thereby destroying their particle structure, and...

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Integrated Catalytic Disinfectant Membrane and Sensor System for Maintaining High Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is determined mainly by the levels of indoor airborne contaminants such...

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Anti-Static yet Non-Conductive Polymeric Materials

A static electric charge can be created whenever two surfaces contact and separate. Accummulation of such charges on surfaces could cause a variety...

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Active Food Packaging Material

Active and multifunctional packaging materials are facing increasing demand because of the changing trend of the customer needs such as safety and long shelf life of the...

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Novel Fabrication Process for Hydrophilic Nanomembrane

Self-supporting porous hydrophilic nanomembranes (PHNM) are made from hydrophilic polymers, which are ideally suited for use in aqueousmedia...

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Biocatalytic Liquid Membrane Technology

The combination of liquid membrane permeation with multiphasic biocatalysis provides a sophisticated and profitable concept for continuous bioprocessing....

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Superhydrophobic Surfaces On Polyurethane Coating Layer

Superhydrophobicity or lotus effect is the ability of the surface to repel water completely, with water contact angle close to or higher than...

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Anti-Scratch Coating

From the perspective of materials mechanics, excellent scratch and mar resistance require the topcoat matrices to have high yield strength to prevent matrix fracture....

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Preparation of Conductive Ionomer Nanoparticle Dispersion

The technology describes a dispersion method of ion conductive ionomer nanoparticles. This includes (1) applications with...

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