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Breathing Apparatus for N95 Respirator Facemask

The patented Breathing Apparatus, called "Mask-Aid", is a system for filtering and supplying air into the respirator facemask, thus providing improved...

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Wellness Technology with Natural Crystals: Life Improving Technology Based on Crystals Efficiency

Natural crystals are found to emit vibratory frequencies that can have positive effects on an...

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Non-fatigue LED Light based on 1/f Fluctuation and Fractal Theory

This technology presents the health benefits of LED lighting system to fluorescent lamps.Healing effect based on 1/f...

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Fabric Enhancing Compression Coating Technology

The garment industry related to lifestyle and wellness has seen an increase in demand over recent years, with shapewear, footwear and compression wear...

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Yang Na Soap

Yang Na (Dipterocarpus alatus) is a big tree widely distributed in Southeast Asia. The use of the wood and oil (oleoresin) of this plant has been demonstrated through folk wisdom. The...

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Soy Isoflavone Body Scrub

In recent years, natural bead scrub products have gained popularity as body scrubs function by removing old cells to produce a smooth, rejuvenated skin surface. Scrub...

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Firming Microemulsion

This technology is a formulation in the form of microemulsion with anti-cellulite properties, and can be applied for professional and home usage. It contains different botanical...

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