[Gov-PACT] Development of Drone Inspection System for Building Façade - Innovation Call by BCA / HDB

Background / Description

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and Housing & Development Board (HDB) have launched the Call for Proposal on using Drone for Building Façade Inspection supported by the Partnerships for Capability Transformation through Government Lead Demand initiative (Gov-PACT).



Building facades need to be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure that the façade elements (e.g. wall plasters, tiles and claddings) or any installations (e.g. awnings, sunshades and air-conditioner units) that attach to the facade will remain intact so that they do not fall and pose a danger to the people and properties below them. However, inspection of the building façade itself can be a challenging task and the problem is further aggravated by the increasing building height and complexity of the façade element.

The current practice of inspecting building façade, in particular high-rise building, usually involves a long, tedious and costly process that requires the inspector to work at height using scaffold, gondola, boom lift or even rope access. There is an urgent need of a new inspection model, using innovative solution to improve the inspection efficiency, reduce safety risk to personnel, save time and at the same time being cost effective.

Technical Specifications


The objective of this Call for Proposal is to develop an integrated inspection system, using advanced image-capturing drone and computing technologies, assisted by artificial intelligence to perform autonomous defect detection, based on image recognition and machine learning. This will aid the automation of building façade inspection, improve workflow, promote collaboration between inspection parties as well as improving the process of reviewing and assessing the condition of building façade.


The scope of inspection covers all types of building façades, exterior features, fixtures and appendages to the external walls which shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

(a)                Plaster, concrete, tiles, siding, bricks, cornices

(b)                Curtain walls

(c)                 Claddings

(d)                Awnings and sun-shading devices

(e)                Other architectural features and projections


While the coverage could be rather extensive, inspection priority shall be given to plaster, concrete, tiles and any exterior projections from the building footprint.

Condition of the façade in this context refers to its safety, stability and integrity. Quality and functionality of the façade i.e. energy loss and air leakage are beyond the scope of inspection.

The project can be categorized into 2 main phases – Phase 1 comprising of Phase 1A & 1B, and Phase 2 comprising of Phase 2A & 2B.

Please refer to the attached problem statement sheet for details.



This call is open to all local SMEs/startups, Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL) & Research Institutes (RI). The Company should be able to respond promptly to any queries from BCA / HDB and be physically present in Singapore for the entire test-bedding phase to perform iterative modifications to the solutions. 



A technical briefing will be held on 08 December 2017 (Friday), from 2.30pm to 4.00pm. Interested parties can register for the briefing here.



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