Seeking Calcination Technologies for Inorganic Materials Under Corrosive Atmosphere

Background / Description

High temperature treatment of inorganic materials is an important unit operation in the production of inorganic high performance materials used in ceramics, energy storage and as catalysts. The required volume goes up to several thousand tonnes per year. During the process, crystalline phases are formed, sintering occurs and combustible or volatile ingredients are removed. Current technologies often employ ovens for batch-wise operations and rotary kilns for the continuous mode.

While these technologies are scalable and reliable, the client is seeking partners with technologies for the high temperature treatment of an inorganic material under an atmosphere of air, steam and corrosive gases (hydrogen chloride). The new technology is preferably less energy demanding, less capital intensive and easy-to-apply.

Technical Specifications

Specifications include:

  • Operate under steam at around 700°C
  • Reduce chloride and carbon content to <1000ppm after treatment (initial content: 5% Cl, 10% C)
  • Available in a scale of several hundred tonnes per year

It will be necessary to control the temperature, heat transfer to the product and adjust the gas atmosphere to produce a high-performance material with reliable quality and under commercially attractive conditions.

Preferred Business Model

  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)

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