Seeking Innovative Proposals to Address Livability and Sustainability Issues in Singapore

Background / Description

Temasek Foundation Ecosperity (TF Ecosperity) announces its fourth call for proposals for sustainable, innovative solutions to improve liveability on 1 August 2018. Through funding and facilitating projects, the Foundation seeks to help innovators overcome initial obstacles to reach a stage where they can demonstrate the effectiveness of their ideas for eventual application and commercialisation. 

Individuals or groups, researchers, collaborators, institutions, organisations or companies are invited to apply for funding for their project in focal areas such as air, biodiversity, chemical safety, energy, food, infectious disease management, land, noise, waste management, water, and weather and climate. In line with the aim of eventual commercialisation, applicants are encouraged to work closely with industry partners who can support the scaling-up and operationalising of their technologies. 

Temasek Foundation Ecosperity (TF Ecosperity) is a Singapore-based non-profit philanthropic organisation that funds and supports strategic and impact-driven programmes focusing on championing the sustainability of our global ecosystem and the development of innovative solutions to improve liveability. Established in 2016, it aims to bring about enduring solutions, systems and capabilities against environmental, biological and other adversities in Singapore and beyond. It also starives to develop and nurture a vibrant ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as promote sustainable best practices and standards. 

Technical Specifications

a. TF Ecosperity provides funding for later-stage applied, translational research and development proposals, and/or commercialisation efforts of innovative solutions that address liveability and sustainability issues in Singapore, benefitting and impacting the Singapore community.

b.  TF Ecosperity does not fund early research efforts.

c.  Examples of liveability and sustainability issues include but are not limited to:

  • Air
  • Biodiversity
  • Chemical Safety
  • Energy
  • Food
  • Infectious Disease Management
  • Land
  • Noise
  • Waste Management
  • Water
  • and Weather and Climate.

d. Solutions can originate from within or outside Singapore, but they have to benefit Singapore, be applicable or adaptable in Singapore.

e. Solutions that are economically sustainable and have considerable social impact will have an added advantage when they are assessed in competition with others.

f. Solutions should preferably be at Technology Readiness Level 6 and beyond and/or Proof-of-Value stage

Solutions will be assessed in the following context:

  • Desirability: Does Singapore need them? Do the solutions benefit Singapore?
  • Feasibility: Have the Proofs of Concept been completed? How well do they fare against competing technologies?
  • Viability: Are they commercially viable? Are there distribution channels for or end users or ‘receptacles’ to adopt the solutions already?

h. The Lead Principal Investigator of the programme/project should ideally be based in Singapore.

i. Programme/project duration can be within or span more than one year, up to a maximum of three years.

j. Funding of amounts typically around S$1 million per programme/project will be awarded. The actual amount awarded will depend on the extent of work to be carried out.

Applications and Enquiries

a. Completed and duly signed application forms are to be sent to the following: TF Ecosperity (Email:

b. For enquiries pertaining to this call for proposals, please contact the following: Mr Anders Soh (Email:; or Mr Jeffrey Tong (Email:

c.   More information on TF Ecosperity’s call for proposals is in Annex A (Funding Criteria) and Annex B (Application Cover Paper and Application Form). The closing date for the submission of proposals is 30 September 2018. 

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