Seeking Partners and Expertise to Retrofit Manual Pallet Jacks for Platooning Operations

Background / Description

A Singapore-based logistics company is seeking solution providers with expertise in retrofitting a fleet of manual pallet jacks for automated operations. The application scenario involves the regular transportation of sensitive equipment from vehicle loading bays to designated locations inside a manufacturing plant. Items to be transported are typically loaded onto several pallet jacks (5 or more) for transporting into a location for offloading and installation. The operation of these manual pallet jacks require one worker to be assigned to each pallet jack, and multiple trips are often involved.

 A solution to reduce the manpower requirements for this task is thus desired, to enable one worker to handle several pallet jacks concurrently.

Technical Specifications

The technology partner should:

  • Have the know-how or technologies for platooning (i.e. driving several electronically-coupled vehicles together).
  • Be able to design a retrofit solution for existing manual pallet jacks for this purpose.
  • The end-goal is to have one operator operate a "convoy" of about 5 loaded pallet trucks, moving from the loading point to the install location.

What we are not interested in

Due to the requirements of the cargo transported, the company's pallet jacks have incorporated some customization work as compared to off-the-shelf systems. As such, the company is keen to explore a retrofit solution to their existing fleet of pallet jacks. Pallet jacks can be made available to co-development partners for modification and trials.

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration
  • Others

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