Seeking Partners with Microwave Expertise for Gas Spectroscopy Applications

Background / Description

Whilst microwave has established applications in point-to-point communications, satellite and spacecraft communication and microwave ovens amongst others, it is their applicability outside these markets that is of most interest. IPI is working with our Open Innovation partner in UK to seek partners working in the area of microwaves, with a view to investigating their applicability for commercial gas spectroscopy applications.

The client is an established company in the spectroscopy field and is keen to identify companies, researchers, institutions or individuals with relevant technologies and research experience in this area. They wish to engage with appropriate partners, enabling the introduction of improved performance products to the market. The client is particularly keen in engaging with organisations that have an interest in licensing their mixer technology outside existing automotive applications.

Technical Specifications

The client has a particular interest in the following technology areas relating to gas microwave spectroscopy:

  • Microwave and millimetre-wave systems (e.g. used for short range radar such as collisionavoidance systems) 
  • Engineering of metamaterials for electromagnetic applications 
  • Up-down mixer
  • Multiplexer and mixer technologies currently used in automotive applications 
  • Innovative mixer design and development 
  • Compact cone and horn design
  • Very low cost microwave systems 
  • Reduced size microwave systems 
  • Military technology that can be developed further 
  • Microwave metrology (but not relating to communications / standards)

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration
  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)

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