Seeking Partners with Supercritical CO2 Extraction Capabilities

Background / Description

IPI is working with our Open Innovation partner in UK to seek organisations with established Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) capabilities (using carbon dioxide) to extract a natural liquid concentrate from a leafy vegetable material.

The client has developed a new product based on a proprietary botanical extract for a global market. The company has successfully used supercritical CO2 extraction to produce small quantities of extract for initial product testing, has proven the process and currently has some small-scale production capabilities. They now wish to engage with suitable partners to extend their production capabilities in the short, medium and long term. The client is potentially looking for multiple partners with different processing capabilities.

Technical Specifications

The client is keen to identify partners able to offer one (or more) of the following levels of processing capabilities:

• Small / pilot scale (e.g. 5-25 litre plant)
• Intermediate / semi-industrial scale (e.g. 50-200 litre plant)
• Large scale / toll processing (e.g. 250-1000 litre plant)

Suitable partners can range from those specialising in SFE pilot plant quantities, to extraction houses, to toll manufacturers who can deliver larger quantities of extract. Partners able to provide all THREE levels of processing volumes would be of high interest.

The client is keen to understand the potential capabilities of any partner but is unable to provide definitive quantities at this time, as this will be dependent on the success of the end product. Any potential partner will need to illustrate their expertise and capabilities in supercritical CO2 extraction, particularly for extraction of active ingredients from botanicals. They should be able to produce the extract at consistent quality and volumes for an end product and the client will work with a potential partner to conduct trials prior to any supply agreement.

Preferred Business Model

  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)

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