Seeking Productive, Cleaner and Cost-effective Refuse Collection System - Joint Innovation Call by Gov-PACT NEA-ESG

Background / Description

About NEA-ESG Joint Innovation Call on Cleaning, Waste Management and Monitoring of Environmental Process Parameters

The National Environment Agency (NEA) and Enterprise Singapore (ESG) have jointly launched an Innovation Call under the Government – Partnership Capability Transformation (Gov-PACT) initiative, to encourage greater use of technology and automation to raise productivity for cleaning, waste management and monitoring of environmental process parameters. The innovation call also seeks to address operational challenges in the industry, as well as to build up the capability and skillsets of workers.


 Innovation Call: [D] To Develop a Productive, Cleaner and Cost-effective Refuse Collection System

Older HDB blocks are fitted with Individual Refuse Chutes (IRCs). The process of waste removal currently requires two town council conservancy crew members to (i) carry the filled refuse bin in the IRC onto a buggy and (ii) drive to a bin centre where the bin is again carried down and pushed to a compactor to unload the waste.

This often results in refuse/sullage spillage as well as pest and smell nuisance which warrants further mitigation actions.

Technical Specifications


The proposed solution should meet the following requirements:

  1. Simple and easy to operate.
  2. Easy to be deployed in existing estates with little or no major modification.
  3. Helps to reduce or eliminate spillage, vector problems and odour from waste collection.
  4. Installation and operations to have minimal inconvenience to residents.
  5. Improve productivity through the use of mechanization.
  6. Cost effectiveness in terms of life-cycle cost analysis.
  7. The proposed solution must have minimal noise generation.

*Please refer to link for full details on Requirements.


Funding Support

The call is targeted at Singapore registered SMEs / start-ups. Foreign companies are invited to submit proposals. However, to qualify for Government's funding, foreign technology providers should work with Singapore registered SMEs / start-ups.

*Please refer to link for full details on Funding Support.


Eligibility Information

  • Solutions must not be readily or commercially available in the market.
  • Development of the solutions must not have commenced at the point of proposal submission.

 *Please refer to link for full details on Eligibility Information.


Further Details and Technical Briefing

Following the online launch of the Innovation Call, a technical briefing (details below) will be held to provide potential proposers with more information.


Date: Wednesday, 11th July 2018

Time: 9 AM - 11:30 AM

Location: Marina Bay Sands [10 Bayfront Avenue, S(018956)], Rooms 4505 & 4506

Registration will close on Monday 9th July 2018.


Technical details of the problem statement as well as information related to the innovation call can be found on the Govt Pact portal which you will be redirected to after clicking on the 'Proceed To Details' button below and filling up a short form with your basic information. Please follow instructions on the Govt Pact portal to register your interest for the technical briefing. Further information on NEA's grant and awards can found in the link here

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration

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