Accurate Motion Analysis Solutions based on Wearable Sensors

Technology Overview

Combining smart sensors and biomechanics, this technology provides objective motion analysis solutions for Sports, Wellness and Healthcare using wearables that rival accuracy of traditional motion labs.

This technology differs from consumer wearables. The sensors are created with clinical-grade reliability, drift-free accuracy, auto-calibration convenience and robust customization for specific applications. Together with a custom motion analysis algorithm library, the solution enables accurate motion-based tracking of physical activities like sports, physiotherapy, repetitive motion monitoring and diagnostics. 

Technology Features & Specifications

The technology provides custom movement analysis algorithm and with high-accuracy sensors for OEM to enable motion-based applications with:

  • Gait Analysis: 25 gait parameters of gait, widely validated, even for pathological gait (PD patients, elderly, ...) 
  • Running Analysis: running stride professional assessment in a natural environment (including contact time, stride type, ...)
  • Physical Activity Monitoring: (available soon) in form of a daily activity (lying, sitting, standing, moving) with exclusive indexes

The technology provider provides:

  • Research Sensors Toolkit: a Swiss-made IMU sensor capabilities (BLE, onboard ARM Cortex processor, IP67 waterproof, inertial sensor, barometer, internal storage, ...) used in very different research fields and has shown great accuracy and usability
  • Custom licensing of algorithm library: Through its partner program, algorithm licenses are available that adds intelligent movement features into your own products.

The technology provider seeks collaborators to explore use-cases of their motion analytics solutions.

Potential Applications

  • Healthcare (Gait, Physical Activity,…)
  • Sports (Running, Swimming,…)
  • Workplace safety monitoring
  • General activity wellness analysis

Market Trends and Opportunities

Capture 15+ years of world-leading scientific expertise through a partner program (OEM/Licensing) & products.
In the frame of our partner program, reduce risks and time to market for your own application with motion sensors, in health, wellness, sports, entertainment, robotics or veterinary
Researchers, health care & sports professionals enjoy from a unique motion analysis system that combines in-lab accuracy in natural environment & easiness-of-use.

Customer Benefits

Our technology differs from consumer wearables. Our products are created with clinical-grade reliability, drift-free accuracy, auto-calibration convenience and robust customization to specific applications.

  • Accurate, validated against gold-standards
  • Simple, easy-to-use & rapid
  • Robust customization to specific applications

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