Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and 3D Software

Technology Overview

Our technologies allow Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D visualisation to be accessible to brands, designers, developers, students and consumers. Our proprietary and easy-to-use computer-aided design (CAD) based software solutions empower everyday people and companies to take advantage of this new digital landscape to:

  • Create, customize and assemble 3D objects and digital assets
  • Create new products and virtual training
  • Engage customers with new interactions and experiences

Technology Features & Specifications

We make it easy for users to create, customize, assemble, share, import, and export 3D files and digital objects within seconds. We provide an integrated solution for hardware or software platforms to enable users to unleash their creativity.

Our technlogy allows customers to be immersed in another dimension, where new experiences and products may be promoted, showcased and visualized. Tailor-made solutions which are social, practical, fun and cross-platform may be quickly set up according to specific requirments.

AR and VR opens up the potential for training that mimic the real actual environment, be it a manufacturing line, operating table or other educational needs. In development is a solution which enables users to create their own content and to set up their own training environment using 3D and VR assets.

Application Programming Interface (API) is in development for developers to integrate our software modules with their solutions, be it a hardware or software platform, or an e-commerce website. This includes 3D model galleries and assets, 3D viewer, object editors with simple modules, material settings, colouring and many other features.

Potential Applications

Integration and Porting

Our technologies may be integrated with existing software, hardware platforms and workflows. Our tools may be built into websites, webshops or on devices. We only need API access or minimal support for the process.
Standalone Solution

This is an end-to-end standalone browser-based solution or native app white-labelled with one's company logo. We can easily package the desired modules on the web, with a dedicated microsite (e.g. We also support installable native apps, such as those for Windows and Android. For VR we support HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung GearVR and Google Daydream.
Tailored Solutions

We develop tailored solutions from unique ideas, and create fully customized apps for brands with unique user interface and tailor-made 3D tools.

We create a high level specification from gathered requirements and continuous feedback, and adjust the product to fulfill the client's needs.

Market Trends and Opportunities

3D printing, scanning, AR and VR technologies create new digital landscapes and opportunities for industries and everyday people. It is an exciting, disruptive and challenging area. Our solutions aim to make such technologies easy and accessible to brands, designers, developers, students and consumers.

Customer Benefits

Our 3D and VR product configurator allow users and customers to easily personalize unique items that speak to their dreams, passion and needs. This easy-to-integrate software solution with an interface can unlock users' and customers' creative potential and create strong emotional attachment to brands.

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