Fermentation of Botanicals for Health Tonic Product Development

Technology Overview

This patented technology involves a unique fermentation method of tropical fruits to produce products for the health sustenance market.

The uniqueness of this technology lies in the knowledge of type of specialty yeast to be used, optimization of fermentation parameters and post fermentation process. Ease of fermentation and ability to vary alcohol content without compromising the taste and fragrance of its final products are key competitive advantages of this technology.

It has been applied in the fermentation of tropical fruits such as lychees, red dates, durians and mangosteens. The technology has been validated in fifty litre manufacturing scale of red dates producing a red date product that is being purchased as specialty gift.

Technology Features & Specifications

This technology consists mainly of trade secrets on specialty yeast and expert knowledge on optimization of fermentation parameters and post fermentation processing.

- Speciality yeast for fragrant generation

- Fermentation with precision temerpature control

- Post fermentation nanoprocessing

- 100% natural product

- Fermentation methodology is applicable to mangosteen, durians, as well as a wide variety of tropical fruits

Potential Applications

Functional drinks & health tonic market

The technology can be used to ferment fruit essence consisting of 100% natural fruit nutrients for development as natural fruit health tonic (similar to how the multi billion chicken essence market).

Application of this technology in fermentation of red dates has yield red date essence, consisting of 100% red date nutrients. Red Dates are considered a traditional ‘super food’ in Asia especially amongst the Chinese. They are usually brewed ( usually with longan) to boost immunity and enhance blood circulation for post-partum / post surgical, after every monthly menstrual cycle for ladies and for generally health sustenance.

Market Trends and Opportunities

Fruit essence developed from this technology will ride the trend for nature based functional food and health tonic market.

There are currently no Red Date tonic or essence in the market, presenting significant opportunity to create a Red Date essence market just like how the chicken essence market was created. As a new market to be created, there is no market data for Red Date Essence market but market size and potential can be benchmarked against the relatively newly created market Kombucha market – functional drink from fermented sweeten tea with bacteria and yeast.

The global Kombucha market is US$600m in 2016 and projected to grow to US$1.8 b by 2020 (CAGR 25%). Compared to the Kombucha market, the Red Date Essence market is easier to create as it rides on the traditional habit of the Chinese community, just like how brewing of chicken as a tonic is a traditional practice of the Chinese community. Success creation of nature fruit essence will open up market ranging from the low billions ( as kombucha market) to the tens of billions ) as in chicken essence market).

Customer Benefits

  • Nature’s goodness without the hassle
  • Pure nature essence in a bottle
  • The natural gift of health

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