Floating Pipeline for Water Transport

Technology Overview

Today, underground waters are being used in the drought parts of our planet as well as technology for thedesalination of sea water and the transport of water on specialized ships. Technology nowadays is used to pump out water from the ground, to commercialize it and therefore totransport it to consumers. Water is available in insufficient quantities and is expensive, especially for irrigation in drought areas. Our Innovative technology has the basic advantage of transporting water for the usage of water supply and agriculture without using energy, but using seas and oceans. This way, water can be transported for several thousand kilometers in great quantities.

Technology Features & Specifications

The solution is innovative, because it offers water transport via seas and oceans in a completely new way,never implemented until now. This discovery refers to the technical field of constructing a floating pipeline beneath the sea surface, for needs of freshwater distribution without using energy for transport and almost immediate delivery to places thousands of kilometers away. Besides this primary goal, such construction technology and maintenance is improved so that the pipeline could be built in a short time period and by favorable conditions.

Potential Applications

There are no alternative to this technology, since this innovation is a first time offer of a technical solutionwhere the transportation of water is almost immediate to distances of several thousand kilometers,respective to the need of the pipeline’s length between a river’s mouth and the dry region.It is an alternative solution to the existing technologies of water supply, which save water drop by drop. This Innovative solution gives the necessary water quantities to great irrigation systems.

Market Trends and Opportunities

The use of this innovative technology can solve an entire water supply for Singapore, cities on the coast of Australia, bringing fresh water pressurized from the mountains of New Zealand and Tasmania. Furthermore, it could solve water supply of drought regions like Middle East.

This Innovation can be used for irrigation program of Israel with the water from The River Nile’s mouth. The finances will be used for intellectual work, future cooperation on project development and its technical realization.

Customer Benefits

Our technology is affordable, practical and is of a familiar production. The installation of the water delivery system is easy and quickly executed. We can use as an example the unused River Congo nears its mouth. With the difference in height of more than several tens of meters in relation to the sea level, with a minimum flow of 30.000 m³/s during a whole year, it has a potential for irrigation of a great part of Africa. Additional energy for watering is not needed, except for proper hose with sprayers, whose purpose is to ameliorate the quality of cocoa, peanut, coffee, etc.

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